Light up your brand

Your brighter brand

Your brand is the soul-spark of your business. When it authentically feels like you, and when your customers get it, your brand has the power to fuel growth, build a loyal clientele, and even start a movement. Your brand is your business’s most important asset; it is the spark, the light, the flame and the fire.

When we shine a light on your strengths, benefits and brilliance, your lacklustre brand becomes a bright, bold beacon for your customers.

Your brand is my passion

Aligned and sincere

I’m Louise Taylor and I help clients develop powerfully authentic brands. I’ve got this way of seeing straight into a business’ heart and illuminating what makes it special.

Over my 20+ years as a corporate brand and marketing executive and entrepreneur, my fascination with the power of a brand and its impact on a business’s success has fuelled my desire to help companies become the best and most authentic versions of themselves.

As a brand master and Fascinate Certified Advisor, I’ve developed purposeful programs that guide business leaders to reveal and refine their purpose, values, and differences, so they can nurture a thriving culture and foster meaningful connections with customers they love.

The brand authenticity gap

Your business is transforming, and you’re ready for next-level growth. But you have a brand gap.

  • Your current brand doesn’t reflect your vision or desired culture
  • You’re unsure what your advantages are, or how to communicate them
  • You don’t know how to stand out against your competitors
  • Your marketing efforts are disconnected, ineffective and feel inauthentic
  • You don’t love your logo, website, and presentation slides
  • You don’t relate to (or love) your current customers

The Firefly Effect programs are designed for purpose-driven business leaders seeking a more connected, inspiring and genuine brand. I will guide you to reveal your true brand so it can shine with a genuine personality. You’ll see my highly perceptive nature at work, combined with a rigorous brand development process, to create a brand foundation that shines, so you can attract clients you love.

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